Masked bandit in Black Rock

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Peter Kuhn

Masked bandit in Black Rock

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This article I found in the ''TOBAGO NEWS'':

''Englishwoman living in fear
Elizabeth W Allard
Friday, July 27th 2007
Englishwoman Loraine Brooks is pleading with the authorities to catch the perpetrator who has literally turned her life of laughter into fear.
She said she has been living in fear since midnight on July 5 when her home at Black Rock was broken into by a masked bandit, beaten and criminally assaulted. She sustained injuries to her face, chin, eyes and head and has been left without hearing in one ear.
Brooks who has been residing in Tobago for the past three years said she was now feeling unsafe in her own home. She said she was dragged from her bedroom, into her living room and then to another area of her home where she was thrown through a television cabinet, leaving pieces of glass all over her body and in her ears as blood flowed profusely. The Englishwoman said the masked man, dressed all in black, wearing white gloves, repeatedly beat her. The man later asked for money, which she gave willingly but was still beaten despite her cooperation.
Brooks said she phoned the Police after locking herself in the bathroom of her home but they never arrived until an hour later. She was then taken to the Scarborough Regional Hospital for treatment.
She claimed that the same assailant returned on July 19 and ransacked her home. She said she believed that he had returned to kill her and came to this conclusion because of the items that were stolen.
PC Wilson of the Old Grange Police is continuing investigations.
ACP Tobago Rodvan Bastien said the perpetrator was masked, making it difficult to make an arrest.
Tourism and Transportation Secretary Neil Wilson he had received photographs from Brooks following the incident and the Tourism Division was available to offer any assistance to her with respect to counselling and trauma management.


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oh my goodness... when will it end? *sighs* :(

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