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4-bedroom villa at Concordia (listing)
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Chris and Penny Holland

Guest Report

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is a luxurious and idyllic setting for any holiday, celebration or retreat.
Our Christmas time celebration of our Ruby wedding was just great for us at 60 plus, friends from New Zealand, the next generation of thirty year olds, not to mention the seven month grandchild.
Surrounded by a glorious garden, with superb Royal Palms and sunny pool, the twelve foot verandas, spacious comfortable interior and the lovely glide-away glass doors/walls, make living, eating, cooking, swimming, sleeping a flow of cool experience immersed in the sub-tropical bird-song and sun.
Be it breakfast, lunch or barbecue supper it is only a few feet from kitchen to dining room to veranda and garden, so even sudden rains are enjoyed, while the quick re-appearance of sun soon dries the bathing suits again. The views are spectacular over the island down to the coasts of the Caribbean and the Atlantic, and the breezes, caught by the subtle modern architecture, not only provide the cool to contrast with the sun, but meant I only saw a fly three times in two weeks. The variety of birds feeding unafraid on the terrace, humming birds and woodpeckers at the honey feeders, and the beautiful singing reduces any requirement to move at all!
However, the pool with cascading bougainvillea and overhanging fruit trees, the fire-flies at night, and the beaches and endless bays with convenient café’s and restaurants will lure you out of your mini-paradise to the whole island of surprises and pleasures. Snorkelling with tropical fish and coral, scuba-diving for the skilled, sun-bathing beneath palms for all, sailing trips, and bird walks or tropical rain forest walks with family chosen expert guide, all make the variety so special for all ages.
Back to earth for all the practical details. These have been smoothed out by Charlotte and Gareth, and implemented by the friendly housekeeper Lesley Ann. So one learns where to shop – Jesus Christ Superstore, to hire a car – with the Lady in Red, which beach to visit for which wind, where to locate the local fishermen, how to arrange meals, cleaning and laundry, and even how to find a good dentist. Generous planning by Charlotte and Gareth ensure the house has useful maps, for exploring the island, and books, games and music if something more sedentary is required.
In case you don’t believe us, go and try this brilliant and unforgettable experience.
Chris and Penny Holland and Family, Edinburgh and London.
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