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29 room 3* hotel located on the Arnos Vale plantation
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Guest Report

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I begged my husband to take me to Arnos Vale Hotel for my birthday to go birth watching. When we arrived, the place was in shambles. The gym was musty and smelled toxic, the a/c in the room rattled all night and was blocked by a curtain so it was hot until I hooked up the curtain.

But the worst part was the owner's wife. She told us the story of how she visited when she was a single teenager and told herself that she HAD to own this property... Creepy! She boasted of how she seeked out the owner.

Then, being the only guests in the hotel, she INVITED HERSELF to my birthday dinner in the restaurant and openly threw her 65 year old self at my husband! Then when we got the bill, her appetizer was included in it!

After the first night, a huge group came and stayed in rooms all around us and made noise all day and night. Children knocked on our door many times in error at all hours. We asked to be moved to a different wing and the pychotic owner's wife told the people to be quiet because they were disturbing us! So now the poor people who came to enjoy themselves are thinking that two hogs were staying in the room next to them.

That woman was a pain in the ass. No wonder the hotel has gone to hell. Oh, by the way, she tried to get my husband to BUY the property for US$41 million too.

I hope she is replaced soon so the hotel will be ressurected. And I didn't even see 1 mot mot.
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