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3 One and Two-bedroom apartment in Castara (listing)
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Wade Miller

Guest Report

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Upon my arrival I was taken aback at the beautiful water that was easily visible as the plane touched down. Unknown to me that was just the beginning of a very magical trip.
Before booking my trip I did some research, being from a big city I wanted to stay in a location where relaxation was the norm rather than the exception to the rule. The Bay watch apartment jumped out at almost immediately, and after reading the reviews I was hooked. I had been told about the beauty of the Tobago countryside but until now had yet to experience its absolute beauty.
I was met at the airport by the host (Kurt) who gave me an unofficial tour of the towns leading to the seaside village of Castara. As we drove down the mountain to the village it became apparent that I had found heaven on earth. The view was absolutely amazing, as we entered the village I realized that it was just what I was looking for a quiet seaside village without the hustle and bustle of a big city.
The apartment was perfect, it was meticulous. I basically had my own apartment complete with cooking area which was never used thanks to the host(Kurt) and hostess(Ivy). I was treated to traditional island fare in the form or various seafood and fresh baked bread in the morning.
In addition to the wonderful treatment that I received from my hosts the location was perfect. Literally a few steps to the beach which was perfect since I love the water. I was able to lay in a beach chair and actually watched as the waves rolled in from outside my room.
I felt as though I was at home, I felt very welcome and at ease even though I had never been to the island and would definitely return to the village and stay in the bay watch apartment when I return to the beautiful isle of Tobago.


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