As secure as at home in Germany

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Getting Hooked
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As secure as at home in Germany

Post by Nicole »

Dear all!

I'm back from my first visit to Trinidad and Tobago. While booking this holiday, my fears grew because of reading so many bad things about crime and dangerous animals. My intention is to reduce that fear for all possible visitors.

I stayed in Trinidad and Tobago for 3 weeks and I personally never experienced anything that I would call crime. I talked to a lot of people and everyone alwalys warned us, but not anyone had experienced any crime by himself.

Especially about Trinidad I read horror storys of people jumping into your car and robbing you. We were on our own with a rental car (but plate P) and noone ever even touched our car.

When we went to Argyle Waterfalls we even forgot to close one of the car's windows - but nothing happend, all our things seemed to be untouched.

I had lots of fears about dangerous animals. The most dangerous animal I met was a horse, that bit into my leg.

Some of you will call me lucky or just conclude that we have been cautious enough. That is may-be true. I did behave like I always do in Germany and did never feel more unsafe in Tobago nor in Trinidad than I do in Germany.

So if anybody thinks about going, don't hesitate. Crime can happen to you anywhere...

Enjoy yourselves!
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Re: As secure as at home in Germany

Post by Julian »

....and the pot calling the kettle black...

Uk foreign office travel advisory "There are high levels of violent crime, especially in parts of the capital Port of Spain. Robbery and other crimes targeting tourists have occurred."

BBC website "drive by shooting on Waterloo Bridge"
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Re: As secure as at home in Germany

Post by Paul Tallet »

Hmmm ...

I am not sure if the Waterloo Bridge incident was a random attack ... it seemed more targeted, although I sense that an attack in such a public and crowded area is a little amateurish ... it is being investigated and I have more confidence in the UK authorities in getting to the facts of the incident than I would with the T&T authorities should a similar attack occur in their territories.

And that is my point.

Most of the attacks in T&T, specifically Tobago, do not lead to arrests, let alone conviction. This is due to the randomness of the attacks ... it is sheer opportunism where a tourist is in the wrong place at the wrong time ... and looking rich!

So, although there is less crime in Tobago, if you are one of the few unlucky ones, the attacks can be brutal, you may not survive and, if you do survive, it is unlikely that your attacker will be identified and even more unlikely that he/she will be convicted and punished.

There have been attacks on tourists to the Caribbean every year. The most recent is in St Lucia. As you say, it is the same the world over.

While it is encouraging to read posts like Nicole's we should always remember to be sensible in all foreign countries, respect their cultures and blend in as much as we can.

Tobago is a wonderful place with lovely people. As with all countries Tobago has a very small minority from the dark side ... it's very minor, but when an attack happens it seems like major.

We all need to get the security situation into perspective.

Paul Tallet
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