Information on my grandad...?

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Information on my grandad...?

Post by StephanieUK »

Hi there,
I’m wondering if you would be able to offer me any help/information/guidance...? I don’t know where to start or who to go to! I really hope you don’t mind me asking/explaining to you...?

I found out yesterday that my maternal grandfather, whom was a native Tobago resident has passed away. We (family in the uk) have been trying to contact him for a few years with no luck. My mum, his daughter, asked me to call yesterday as she was concerned that her landline was the reason she couldn’t get through.

When I had no luck I called a hotel that is on the grounds of his property, which I believe was built/owned by a family member... King Solomon’s Mine in Plymouth. The gentleman who answered informed me that my grandad had died “a couple of years ago”. He couldn’t give me anymore information.

Obviously we are all devastated, my mum is especially heartbroken that she wasn’t informed.

We don’t know anything about the circumstances of his death, his funeral or his final resting place. Not to mention his personal affects.

Could you give me any information as to how we find out any of these things? I’ve done some searches for obituaries etc. But cannot find anything.

My grandad was Mr Maxwell Bailey of 19 North Street, Plymouth, Tobago.

I apologise for the context of this message, and would appreciate any help you could offer.

We came as a family in 2003, and stayed with granddad and it was the most wonderful experience.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Apologies again

Stephanie and Family x
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Re: Information on my grandad...?

Post by Steve Wooler »

Hello Stephanie

My apologies for not responding earlier but I sent copies of your post to a few people that I know in Plymouth and was waiting for a response. I've just returned from visiting them. I don't think the forum is the place to provide a reply, so I will email you with what little information I've managed to find.

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