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4-bedroom villa at Courland
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Ray Mohammed

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My party rented this villa as our vacation home for the Great Race weekend of 2015. We go to the island on Friday 21st August 2015 at approximately 2pm, we got access to the villa around 4pm.

The villa is uniquely 'out of the buzz n bustle' if u want to say, it is nestled in the estate of Courland. The villa is the first on the street, from the outside it is a very attractive BLUE villa, there seemed to be remedial or maintenance work going on when we got there as there was cement bags, concrete blocks and plastering sand in the front yard.

Upon ascending the front staircase to the main entry door, it was noticeable that the front porch was not swept in a while, as there was dust, and dead bugs all around, the entry way mat was water logged and stepping on this as u stepped off began to leave dirty footprints on the white tiled floors.

The housekeeper Mr. Jones was very accommodating and patient, very easy going and straightforward guy to deal with. we did the initial walk thru and hand over of the villa, during this i was informed, the bed spreads where not to be used to cover or sleep on as it was for presentation purposes and if it was used any cost incurred to have it cleaned we will have to bear the cost of such. Not i find that to be very distasteful and inconveniencing. In all my years of renting villas in Tobago, this was my first such experience. I was also told the washing machine was not working and they will try and have the technician come over on Saturday to have it repaired, this dis happen however not till midday Saturday.

All seemed to be ok, and Mr. Jones took his departure. as my party began to settle into the villa for our weekend, it came to my attention that one of the air conditioning units in a bedroom was not functional. I immediately telephoned Mr. Jones and he told be the contractor had to move the air conditioning unit during some work which was done recently, and he assured him the unit was working. He tried on several occasions to go on to the contractor however it was to no avail, so one couple in my party had to spend the initial night of their vacation in a hot room. It was not till Saturday midday the technician came and the ac was repaired.

Another issue we had at this villa was the issue of security, the front gate could not lock, and the fence around the property is so low, that the cows that walk around the area seldom come into the property to feed on the mangoes. we have the displeasure of having cows come up as close as the walk way to the pool. Another security issue that occurred, took place the very first night of our stay at the villa, two plain clothes officers walked into the property and came around the house to alert us that there had been a robbery in a villa nearby earlier in the day and to be vigilant and on the look out. This prompted me to go Saturday morning and get a price of chain and a lock to keep the front gate locked at all times once we were in the villa.

Apart from the issued outlined the villa is fairly clean, comfortable and a great vacation home. The pool is huge and very deep to the center i would approximate in excess of 7'

We departed the villa Tuesday 25th August 2015, no damages or breakages and the bed spreads were folded neatly and placed on the chairs in each bedroom.

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