Arnos Vale/Vaccinations

29 room 3* hotel located on the Arnos Vale plantation
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Arnos Vale/Vaccinations

Post by J.C. »

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 24 January 2003

I'm taking the family to Arnos Vale at the end of March-it'll be our first visit to Tobago. Having had two fantastic visits to Anse Chastanet in St.Lucia in the last two years,with snorkelling and diving straight off the beach onto a protected marine park,Arnos Vale seemed to fit the bill.We are concerned about the rather mixed comments about the "tired" feel to the hotel.Does anyone have any recent comments to add about the hotel,beach and snorkelling/diving?We'll let you know our impressions on return........ Also we're getting mixed opinions on the vaccination requirements/recommendations for the island.Can anyone confirm this for me for visitors arriving direct from the UK? Thanks, J.C. ps:Excellent website-lots of invaluable and interesting stuff!!
Tim W

Arnos Vale/Vaccinations

Post by Tim W »

Post Recreated: Originally posted - 12 January 2003

Hi J.C.
We are staying at The Arnos Vale from 13/02. There was one particular review which quite troubled me but the hotel has reassured me and if you look at some of the American hotel booking sites the recent reviews have been very positive. The hotel themselves would agree that it is not the most "modern" and is probably a bit 50's but the main reasons for staying- location, grounds, snorkelling etc. - are not affected by that .I also understand that the food is very good(Italian owned/operated). I don't mean to sound like an advertisiment but most of the comment I can find is positive. I have promised Steve that I will write a review when we return on 28/02. Hopefully it will be of use

Arnos Vale

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Post Recreated: Originally posted - 27 January 2003

Recently returned from a week in Tobago, staying at the Arnos Vale.

First of all, thanks for this great site, which we consulted extensively before leaving. Would totally agree with most of the posts about the island. Very scenic, lovely beaches, friendly people. BA flights were fine - on time or early.

Re the Arnos Vale: the hotel's location is excellent, with bird and flower-filled gardens dropping (steeply) down to a small beach and cove excellent for snorkelling. The hotel is quite isolated, which is both good and bad. It's fairly quiet, but you're stuck there with nowhere else (restaurants, shops, etc) to walk to. We hired a car for a couple of days, and I would strongly recommend that as a great way of seeing the rest of the island. Roads are good, if narrow and winding, and local drivers are courteous (a nice surprise after most of the drivers here in Brussels!). We had a room by the pool (could hear the waves and birds from there), so don't know about the others up on the hillside. It was old-fashioned, but just about adequate - clean and spacious, with A/C, shower only (but hot!), small beds, no chairs (and no TV or radio either, but we didn't miss that).

The food was disappointing. Only buffet offered every day for both lunch and dinner. About as Italian as Pizza Hut. We were usually out for lunch, but on the evenings we ate at the hotel, a typical meal was various cold starters (vegetables and fish) followed by a roast/fish and selection of vegetables and then fresh fruit/cake. Very much bland international food. And not cheap at TT 210 (about £25), plus drinks. But then, Tobago isn't cheap generally. As I said, I would recommend eating out more. We had some great rotis in Scarborough at the Pizza Boys fast food outlet, and a very nice lunch in a great setting at the Seahorse Inn (Black Rock). On the plus side, Arnos Vale was more personal and quieter than the two or three bigger, blander hotels we visited, and is worth it for the setting alone. If your expectations are not too high, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Hope this helps, and have a great holiday in Tobago - I'm sure you will.

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