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2 apartments on outskirts of Castara.
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Sacha Chander

Guest Report

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2 Largish rooms with balcony with distant sea view and additional shared terrace and kitchen. Lovely sunsets and chilled evenings. (Other rooms also available in other parts of the property)

Long walk from beach, 10 minutes to closest beach, 20 minutes to Little Bay Beach where most travellers go to sun themselves. It's a steep and tough walk back up so you have to be fit or have a car, and it's a walk along the main road so you have to dodge the occasional car too. And you probably won't do the walk more than once a day. Perhaps this is the price for privacy ?

Quiet at night except for the odd car or barking dog (neighbours).

Kitchen is a good size but sparsely equipped.

Food : the red snapper is London style and London prices, about 150-170TT.

The owners are pretty nice although when I told them I was leaving I was told that 'Well the only other rooms I could find on the island were at the Hilton Crown Point. I thought this was a joke at, as the Hilton is 350USD/night and the most expensive hotel on the island. I called round and found rooms everywhere, Castara, Charlotteville and Crown Point ... so I guess this was a pressurising tactic to stay at Sandcastles which is a bit off. Other than that friendly.

We got bitten a lot whilst at the property (other guests too) by some unknown bugs ... never saw anything and thought we were imagining it but other people across said the same thing. These might have been the no-see-ums mentioned in the Lonely Planet.
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