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55-room luxury boutique hotel in Bacolet (listing)
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Vashti Subramani

Guest Report

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First, I need to let you know that this was my first visit to Tobago....and I simply love it, can't wait for a chance to go there again!!!

I chose the Blue Haven Hotel simply because the staff displayed their interest and professionalism from the very beginning.
At that point this was enough for me to make my decision about where I will be staying, even though I did not know anything about the Blue Haven Hotel other than what I saw on the internet.
My emails were responded to promptly, none of the other hotels I enquired about responded with information as fast as they did.
And, I felt the warmth even through the emails.

The highlight of my stay in the The Blue Haven Hotel was the warm hospitatility we received. I thought only Guyanese people could have been this friendly, obviously I was wrong!
I have travelled a bit but Tobago stood out.

Now, the beauty of the hotel was simply amazing, way beyond what I expected. The view from my room was gorgeous, I could have seen the blue sea from the balcony of the room, I did not think I could have asked for more at this point.

But there was more!!!
The room was clean, comfortable and had all the amenities needed.

The food was great.

There was a live band in the evening, the music was good.

The direct access to the beach from the hotel was convenient and the privacy was exactly what we needed.

So I would recommend the beautiful Blue Haven Hotel to anyone planning a vacation or on business in Tobago. I personally will stay at the Blue Haven Hotel when in Tobago again.

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