Full review of 14 Days Tobago at the Rex Turtle Beach

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Chris Cross
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Full review of 14 Days Tobago at the Rex Turtle Beach

Post by Chris Cross »

Hello !

Now, after 14 wonderful days at the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel, here my personal review:

We arrived at 30. May 2005 at Crown Point International and were picked up by a Taxi from Ted´s Sunshine which carried us to the Rex Turtle Beach Hotel.

In the Lobby, by the way it was after 8 pm., the receptionist gave us our Roomkey and a welcome drink (I´d better chosen a Fruitpunch than a RumPunch) and we went to our room.

The first impression about the room on the 1st floor: clean, nice furniture and as Steve told, a very silent AC. The only thing we heard at night was the kompressors of the other AC´s which were situated outside and the waves hammering at the beach (Of which I thought that this noise was a thunder, in fact sometimes that powerful that our Door to the Balcony shook up from the Soundwaves).

On the next day we asked at the reception to show us an other room, which was situated in the newer complex on the 3d floor. This room has been clean also, but we decided to stay in the room we fell in love with in because of the ceiling was a little bit higher (with wood) and the room had
an extra room (for a 3rd Person or child!) which got our dressing room.

All in all: The rooms at the Rex Turtle Beach were clean and cleaned every day. More or less, depending on which Person of the Staff had to do this. Sometimes the room was cleaned up before 12 am, the latest time was around 3-4 pm. Towels were changed every day.
There was a cabinet in the sleeping room and one in the second, smaller room (which was about 2x3 m) in a wonderful shining dark/red/brown color). The bed was built of 2 mattresses. one above the other, and was good to sleep in. The sight on the balcony was great. A little thing was the temp. on the balcony we had, which never fell under 35 deg. because it was stepped backwards and the wind couldn´t circulate.
We ran the AC only at daytime and turned it off for sleeping.
The hairdryer worked well, but people with very long hair will get hot hands when drying long.

The bathroom looked old but everything was functional (except the Shower, but we fixed the calc problem with a little vingar which we put on browse for 3 hours to ged the holes free).

The room, 100 m. away from the pool area, was silent and we heard no noise (except the people passing by and the guy working for the hotel at the watersports-hut. He sang like a drunken shakalaka-weazle crossing.

The big pool, and the small one for the kids, has been cleaned every morning, sometimes more or less. I never went into the pool.

The beach and the surroundings were cleaned by the gardener and looked nice. Some rest´s of cigarettes lying around which hasn´t really disturbed. PEOPLE ! USE ASHTRAYS, as we did!.

There were some guys at the beach, always looking for business.
OK, not horacing, but we had to say no thanks to some of them 3 Times a day. But after , they were very kind.

"I´m the original AloeVera doctor"... yes yes....

Friends of us had a likkle boy, 2,5 years old, which swom like a rat.
So he went into the sea at the beach and got spilled out by the waves.
After much rain the waves get the height of max. 1 til 1,5 m.
But which parents would let go their kiddy to play in the open sea?

Towels for the beach were provided and fresh every day.
Lounges for the beach were comfortable and stapled over night by the Guards/Security (I think there were 4 of them walking around to show that the people are secure). 3 or 4 craftsman/rastas sold their stuff at
the beach constantly and there were some passing by. On Saturday Big Mama came close to the Hotel at the beach and broght her selfmade crab ´n dumplin (DELICIOUS) and her strong (STRONGGGG) GingerBeer.

AND: we bought some HandMade Custom Sandals and a Belt from Henry. One of the kindest persons on the whole Island. Perfect Handcraft!

Breakfast has been served from 7.30 am til 10 am buffet style (like lunch and dinner) From fresh fruits, pancakes, potatoes, scrambled eggs, 2 sorts of toast, 3 sorts of jam, butter, and fried eggs, omelettes, boiled eggs, cheese, sausage, bacon everything tasted fine. 3 kinds of juices (likkle sweet) and milk. Only the coffee was not that good. It tasted like
Instant coffee cooked 5 times.

Lunch has been buffet style as dinner. The buffet changed every day
and the variation was great, even for veggies. The Presentation of the
buffet was (for a 2,5* Hotel) great. Sometimes outside beside the bar (also with barbecue) or inside. I tell you: I never had such great and tasty
Buffets like in the rex. Also the Roastbeef etc...

All in all: Dining in Rex Turtle was wonderful and great for us.
I would say the best Buffet served on Tobago... (and also so we were told by many guests). Also a la carte (Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads...)

Staff: I wondered myself the first couple of days about the Staff.
Some were kind and some less. Chatty? Not everyone. Some of them
were very chatty and friendly, but I never heard any bad things.
I think it is how you attract to them. We greeted everybody, and so they
did and we also got answered our questions. After 4 Days there must have something been going on in the management and the Staff were friendly and forestalling. Only the Bar - Personell could have been more
friendly and chatty to get some positive vibrations to the guests.
Our phone in our room wasn´t working, but only one hour later after talking to the receptionist, the problem has been fixed.

The Bar was nice and the drinks were mixed well.

For All Inclusive, there has been no possibility to take bottled drinks to the rooms. So we bought 2 Waterbottles which were filled up constantly without problems by the Staff under the eyes of the management.

So if you go there, don´t forget your bottles.

Here some cost-factors:

Room Service charges of TT$ 20.00

The wrist band (to wear in the Hotel) charges TT$ 50.00 if damaged.

Telephone Calls from the room were not expensive.
International Calls with a Companian Card are also cheap.

The safe is for free, and like discussed, absolutely secure.
Only if the key gets lost, you have to pay a charge, like Steve wrote.

As it was nesting time for the Leatherbackturtles, we were set on a list at the reception to call via phone when a turtle is sighted at the beach.
And we have seen many! So we decided to spend some money to the SOS Organisation, which teached us a lot about the turtles. SPECTACULAR!

PLEASE PEOPLE: don´t step closer to the turtles than 15 m.
What would you say if 40 People were watching you giving birth to a baby.
DONT USE FLASHLIGHTS! Once I got angry seeing people using flashlights
to show some nice pics at home for big pimpin´. It isn´t worth!

First we thought to rent a car to explore the island. But we didn´t.
This is what happened:
We booked on the 2nd day of stay a round trip over the island which came 80 US$ per person. For me, this was not that wonderful. It is like
you sit in a train which drives through a zoo. You don´t get in touch with
the people, which are very friendly and helpful. So we participated the
round A bout Tour. 1st Stop Fort James (you can walk there within 10 min. from the Rex) 2nd Stop Englishmans Bay (a must-see) 3d Stop after drive through the rainforest has been Speyside "lookout" and Speyside itself, 4th Stop Argyle Waterfalls and last Stop in Fort King George (great view over Scarborough) This tour was "nice" but notten more, and so was Jemma´s where we went for dinner. (It looked to me like a drive through restaurant)

But we found out, that there is a restaurant called birdwatchers, max. 500 m. away from Jemmas, where I had the very best Lobster in my life!
Absolutely delicious, and all for a reasonable price.

If you want to watch bird´s, forget Little Tobago, except you get a ride by boat before 6 am. After 10 pm you will see some birds, but not much.
We paid 20 US$ each to see the big BrainCoral via GlassBottomBoat and
to take a walk on little Tobago.

If you want to go to PigeonPoint to spent a day at the beach charging 3 US$, go before 9 am, and you can choose a place to put your lounge (charging TT$ 10).

On our 3d Day of stay we went to S-borough and into the Cafe Ciao (super-icecream). Then, wondering how to get home, a man named Myron Bernard hit us to give us a ride with his taxi back to plymouth.

He and his Nissan carried us from this moment on to every place on the island. I highly recomment to call him if you need a driver. And for us it was more reasonable than renting a car.

We also recommend The Oracle Tours, run by a very kind young Man (forgot his name). The prices and tours are really the best, and also different from the the others we planned to go with.

All in all: We spent the time with Myron and Lyrist and loved it.
Speaking for myself, the Lunch packages provided by the Rex helped me out ;-)

Diving is good between ´bago and Trini... saw some Hammersharks, Hummers, different Rays, Barracudas etc...

Buccoo reef is nice for snorkeling and for some nice shots (I recommend to buy a watercam before you get into the plane to paradise)

The wind at PigPoint wasn´t that strong to get my 12"Kite and me to fly
but if you gonna take a 14" or bigger it may work.

Sunday School is a must !!!

If you wan´t to burn your CD´s just call Myron and he will take you to
procomputers in S-borough. They also support Laptops and deal with
Computerstuff. You can do it on your own.

So, after 14 Days, we´re back to "normal".

We were lucky to be a part of it and thank Steve Wooler for this wonderful and informative page.

We love Tobago!

Our pictures (over 1000) must be sighted... more to come...

Here the Adresses we highly recommend:

Our taxi driver for prompt and efficient Service:

Myron Bernard:

Mobile Phone 756 4765
Mailto: [email protected]

To Burn or Surf:

Pro Computers:
TLH Building Milford Road
Tel.: 868 639 1100
Tel.: 868 639 1300
Mailto: [email protected]

The Oracle Tours
Office: 660 7210
Mobile: 737 3373
Mailto: [email protected]
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Chris Cross
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myTobago Nut
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I forgot:

Post by Chris Cross »

At the turtle beach itself there were absolutely no sandflys.

Only a couple of likkle itchy bits of mozzilas...

Keep the AC running in daytime and move the door´s quickly
then you will sleep deep...

We bought Off-Spray, but my opinion is that Off works like a
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Jill M
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Oh, so Sad!
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Post by Jill M »

We also enjoyed the food at the Rex, although we got a bit bored of the buffet as it was very similar to last year. We started to order from the A La Carte menu and a couple of evenings we requested double portions of the starters (Caesar Salad and the Samosas) as our complete meal. The last couple of mornings, we ordered a room service breakfast, that was brilliant. There was a great selection and you can tell them which hot items you would like. It was great having breakfast on our balcony - it all added to the 'chill out' factor and well worth the TT$20 tray charge. I tipped the waitress each time, so infact it cost us more, but she deserved it after carrying that heavy tray up to the third floor!

Anne Sykes

Post by Anne Sykes »

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review of RTB Chris! It was a joy! We stayed there 16th - 30th May so you arrived an hour after we left. I think it would have been fun to have been there the same time as you!!!

The chap in the watersports hut 'sang' constantly while we were there too! 'He sang like a drunken shakalaka-weazle crossing' - Hmmm, not quite sure what one of those is but I'm sure it means that he was not good... Our room was also in this area and I have to say we didn't hear him from our room, BUT, one night when one the entertainers was doing his session 'singing-boy' (that's what we called him) took the microphone!! WELL!!! What a laff! We could not stop laffing at his attempts to sing and rap Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock! All good fun!

What was the weather like for you? While we were there, they had a 'heatwave' so it was clear blue skies, odd clouds and NO rain for the first 10 days then hazy for a couple of days, then the odd shower. It looked like the rainy season had set in as we were leaving. We were also there in June 2003 and we had rain for the whole two weeks...(sorry, no, a couple of sunny days!!)

As for the mozzies - my husband got really paranoid about them. As soon as the sun went down he was on mozzie duty - even with the A/C on the little blighters still got in the room (no matter how quick you were with the door) and there are probably still their remains on the walls now!! We did get bitten more than last time!

Again, thanks for your fab review - it made me relive my time there all over again!! WONDERFUL!!!
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Chris Cross
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myTobago Nut
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@ Anne

Post by Chris Cross »

We had a really wonderful great time in the Rex.

The weather has been very good. I think there were 3 nights of constant heavy rainfall (we saw this because of the little lakes under the umbrellas at the beach) ok... we heard it very well but that let us sleep wonderful...

The last 3 Days we had heat and sunshine.

All in all 14 Days of no boring weather... sometimes cloudy but mostly sunshine...
Sam Deeks

Post by Sam Deeks »

Hey Chris
Great review in German-Trini accent :lol:
Takes me right back... And yeah, I can hear the watersports guy singing in my mind, too.

Thanks for that
Lou W

Post by Lou W »

Great review Chris!! I've only been back 2 days and i can still hear the "shakalaka-weasle crossing" who is a friend of mine called Scouty singing!!! He was like that last year and glad to say he is still the same. Ever go to the Golden Star with him on Scouting night and he will have you in fits of laughter.
As for the sand flies, i have two legs full of bites to prove they exist on that beach!!! Apparently alcohol keeps them away but i proved that one wrong!!
And yes, sunday school is a must, i've never had so much fun in my life!!

At the top end of the beach there are a couple of guy's who make wooden things in their little hut, Those of you who have been know i'm talking about Engine Bobb. He makes the best turtles with nodding heads you can buy and he can tell you anyhing you want to know about the island!!
Sandra Daniel
Tobago Guru
Tobago Guru
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Post by Sandra Daniel »

Hi Lou

We stayed at RTB in May and had the pleasure of meeting Engine Bobb, his catch phrase being, "It's all good". Two of my boys bought the turtles with nodding heads and Engine Bobb was doing cartwheels along the beach with my youngest and standing at 6ft something that was quite a sight !!

On our last day Engine told the boys to go to his hut at 3pm. They came back with a lovely bird feeder that Engine had made especially for us, with all our names carved into it as a going home gift. He also gave us his address and telephone contact, he really is the nicest man ever !!

Lou W

Post by Lou W »

You are so right there Sandra.
We met him last year and he was so nice then. The day after we arrived we went down to his hut but it was all closed so we got a bit worried. Then about an hour later all i heard from my little girl was "Engine Bobb" and he was there walking past the hotel. She was scared stiff of him last year but loved him this year. I spent so much time down at his hut this year!! He's such a nice genuine guy. And best of all he tried to teach me to dance at sunday school!!! He is one good dancer, so full of energy. It's people like him that make you want to go back to the island time and time again. Already planning my next trip to see him in november..
Sandra Daniel
Tobago Guru
Tobago Guru
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Post by Sandra Daniel »


Say Hi to him from Sandra, Keith, Harry, Callum and Aidan, when you go back in November and tell him we are going back next May for three weeks!!!!!! I'm sure you'll remember all that !

Have fun in November anyway. Will you stay at The Rex or elsewhere?

Lou W

Post by Lou W »

Hi Sandra,
No dont think i'm gonna be back at the Rex but gonna get a private villa for me, my daughter and the lad that works with Engine.
Now that you have said your names, i know about you already. Enngine loves kids and will talk constantly about them. He loved your boys, he was saying it was a shame that we were'nt there when you were!!!
Joanne Hughes

Post by Joanne Hughes »

How fantastic to hear the tales of Engine Bobb and Scoutie from the dive shop. We visited for the second time to the RTB in June this year, following spendng our honeymoon there (complete with 2 teenage kids with us as chaperones) and cant wait to be back sitting with Engine in his little hut watching the world go by. My kids, Tom and Kate, and my hubby Brian often mention Engine and Scoutie and if anyone is going out there in the meantime please send our love. Every time we go back, I feel like im in danger of leaving my son behind, Engine took him off shopping and he bought him a rasta hat - have you ever seen just how long Engine's hair is? ........ its amazing. My teenage daughter cant wait to get back there and swap cd's with Scoutie, and we cant wait to be pulling up the sun loungers outside our room, 2 am in the morning, drinks in hand, watching one of the most inspiring sights in this modern world - the leatherback turtles nesting just yards from our room !!!!!
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