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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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Daryl T

Guest Report

Post by Daryl T »

My wife and I went to this hotel in June of this year on a bed and breakfast only package. We arrived after a very long journey, only to find that our room was not ready. Most of the reception staff were at best unhelpful and at worst downright rude. After about 5 hours we were allocated a room. The decor and furnishings left a lot to be desired I'm afraid. We went into the dining room for the evening meal and were charged $370 Trinidad and Tobago for the meals which was about £37. On both occasions, we found the meal rather unpalatable and certainly not worth the money. Some of the other guests who were full board very rarely ate the evening meal and only had the lunch time meal.
There were also people trying to sell trips on the hotel, who were not linked with any of the tour companies and it became very tiresome after 2 or 3 days and we could only escape by retreating into our rooms.
The beach while we were there did not appear like it did in the internet site, for one it Had a stange balck substance near the water's edge and secondly, because of the slope, the sea was on most days quite rough. You are warned that no lifeguard is on duty and you swim in the sea at your own risk.
The pool was little better being very shallow and not very good for swimming in. Again, people had ear infections caused by swimming in the pool and it had a sign saying closed for 1 day.
One note, one of the reps said to a couple that my wife and I became friendly with to write something positive about this hotel on the evaluation form and not to dwell on all the negative aspects. Needless to say, they declined.
If you are going to Tobago which is a very nice Island it has to be said, I would think twice before staying at Turtle beach. If my wife and I ever return, we certainly will not.
Tobago Fanatic
Tobago Fanatic
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Post by Ronald »

Well Daryl
Sorry to hear that wour vacation wasn´t, i your opinion, so good. Different visitors has different expierence, I don´t stay on hotel so I don´t comment that, but many seems to expect far more than reasonable on a AI-hotel in Tobago.

The beaches are natural i Tobago, and therefore they also change from week to week, sometimes even from day to day. There are black rocks here-and-there in Tobago, so different colours in the sand are natural and not dirt, it´s normally condition.
As there aren´t any reef outside Turtle Beach, than naturally the sea sometimes can be a little bit rough. A beach which isn´t protected by a reef can never be really calm all the time, that´s also natural.

You seems to look for a beach which is pure white and always calm, such a beach are mostly not natural. And if they are, the beach is located inside a ring av reef which protect it from the real sea.
Tobago is a vulcanic island, not a coral island, so the sand is never white, that´s also natural.

David Watkins
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Post by David Watkins »

Daryl,sorry about your experience at RTB,however,Ihope this hasn't turned you off Tobago.
As for the strange black substance ,that was volcanic sand and/or titanium and tin.Totally harmless....but very valuable if you could invent a cheap extaction process.
Next time you are there go to the Atlantic side where there is black sand.
Have a look at my photos to see what I mean.
David :D
Dave White

Post by Dave White »

Daryl, its a shame you did not enjoy Rex Turtle Beach. I have never had a problem there with staff attitude as I arrive knowing I am not going to a five star hotel.
I am surprised at the fact you had to seek the sanctuary of your room to escape the beach vendors, a polite " no " and you would have had no problem.
As for the beach not looking as it did on the internet ? I am speechless :(
Caragh M

Post by Caragh M »

So sorry you didn't enjoy Turtle Beach. I cannot imagine what may have happened in the short time between our respective visits. We left on 17 May, sadly. It was our first visit and we loved it. Stayed all inclusive. The beach was more beautiful than we imagined, the sea was like swimming in a pool it was so calm and easy to get in to and the staff and food were excellent. I have yet to get round to writing a review (at this rate I may never) but I would go back to RTB again and again. We made so many friends on the beach (the vendor's and people selling trips you mention). Everyone was friendly and would leave you alone if you asked them to. I liked my daily chats with all the familer faces it added a bit of 'life' and culture to the place.

Don't let it put you off Tobago or others off the hotel. Quite simply it was the best hotel beach we saw on the island and an amazing location.

RTB is value for money.

I reckon the weather was better in May for us- no rain and no rough sea. it was just stating to turn as we left. Perhaps that made a difference to the beach.

RTB defender.....
Caragh :roll:
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