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125 room budget all-inclusive hotel at Great Courland Bay (listing)
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John Jenkins

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I have read with great interest and amusement the report posted by Gaynor Bond. My family and I were also at the hotel the same two weeks.

Firstly it makes me smile at what people expect the Caribbean accommodation to be like. The star system is nothing like that in the British Isles or indeed Europe. The Caribbean is all about being in a tropical paradise exploring and relaxing in the culure. I have been lucky to have visited many of the islands over the years and the rooms were reasonable although personally a little more light in the rooms would be beneficial. Our attitude is to spend as little time in the room as possible, thats why we come to the Caribbean in the first place!

The Turtle Beach hotel is in a magnificenr location. The rooms are basic but have air conditioning. Expect nothing more as 2 star rated and priced that way. I can recount spending a fortune 20 years ago literally staying in a beach hut which was the then fashionable experience but wouldn't be allowed under health and safety now.

My partner children and I had a wonderful time in the excellent swimming pool, on the beach and especially experiencing the wonderment of the nesting turtles and their hatchlings.Which quite frankly was the deciding factor on my choice of hotels in Tobago. The food is mainly buffet style with enough choice to suit most palates. Breakfast especially is very satisfying. The bars and bar staff are friendly with good quality drinks.

We had to suffer the comments of this lady and her party day after day. Appreciating and respecting her comments are personal opinion as are mine and, spending a night in receiption with no insect repellent is not recommended! Compensation is one thing but please dont go to the Caribbean with a negative attitude. The culture of the staff and their promptness to attention to detail has to be tolerated. I do agree that the receiption and shop staff were quite un helpful but the majority of the staffare typically friendly with a sunny disposition common to the region.

All in all even with a 24 hour delay (thankfully we didn't come and go on the same plane, if you were wondering!)my family and I had a magnificent holiday to remember at a good hotel in a great location on a fantastic island.

We will be back again in years to come and won't hesitate to book the Turtle Beach again.
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