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3-bedroom rental villa at Goodwood (listing)
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Guest Report

Post by Tahera »

I am sorry to state that I am disappointed with my stay at this location. I was told by the managers that we would have complete privacy with the exception of their two pet dogs and two guys. They had other families checking the location out while we were there.
Two of the four AC units didn't function and to top it off the windows could not open to let air in. The place was musty, there were rats droppings in the kitchen area and our food stuff was bitten. Roaches were visible as well as spider webs. The upstairs toilet leaked into the bedroom during the night due to bad plumbing.
The lighting was poor and we had to purchase two bulbs. The BBQ pit is also in a bad area (too windy) and the grill was non-existent.
Other than this the pool is the best feature of the place.
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Re: Guest Report

Post by Steve Wooler »

Over the past two days, 4 bad reviews of this property have been made from computer IP addresses in Trinidad. One of the reports used a bogus email address. That report was deleted automatically. I am convinced that all four reports have been made by members of the same party.

Whilst it is regretable that this party were dissatisfied with their stay at Tobago Sunrise Villa and they clearly have the right to express their views, blitzing multiple negative reports and the use of bogus email addresses indicates a malicious intent to damage the property, rather than simply to express disatisfaction. Our rules expressly limit reports/votes to one report per reservation. This is only fair - and applies regardless of whether the guest's report is positive or negative in nature. We have therefore deleted all but the first post from this party.
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